Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Button V Hamilton

Hey everyone!!! Hope you enjoyed Christmas!! Its just over 2 months to the start of the new season and I wanted to start this blog by talking about the reigning world champion. Jenson Button surprised everyone when he signed for Mclaren (not least myself) but does he really stand a chance against Hamilton. Last year he had the edge over Barichello but compared to Hamilton he was an easier adversary. Hamilton went up against Alonso in his first season (the reigning world champion at the time) and ended up beating him in the championship. (Although I wouldn't see he was as strong against Alonso as Hamilton himself claims!! http://www.planetf1.com/story/0,18954,3213_5850810,00.html ) and the following year he trounced his team mate Kovailinen to become world champion. Now I don't want to sound too hard but I do feel that is was the car and not Button that played the biggest part in Button winning the world championship last year. I think the fact that after the Turkish Grand Prix he didn't win another race for the rest of the season shows this. The rest of the field had caught up with the Brawn in terms of development and pace and Button started falling down the field. Hamilton's performance last year in an off the pace car was quite impressive winning two races. He dragged everything out of that car and the improvements to the car really showed. Hamilton has a lot more experience and history with Mclaren than Button does and hopefully this won't hinder Button's introduction to the team. This year will be a real test for Button, he has so many obstacles to overcome Hamilton just being one of them. He is adjusting to a new team, he also comes into the season as defending champion, also he has a lot of criticisers who were very much against his move away from his championship winning team so it will be interesting to see how he handles it all. Personally I think Hamilton will have the edge over him. Hamilton loves a challenge and he has so many of them this season. He's got Schumacher coming back to the sport for the year and that is definitely something he will relish under. Whatever happens we will have a very exciting battle on our hands and who knows maybe Button will prove me wrong!!!

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