Monday, February 15, 2010

Testing Round 2!!

Finally one of the new teams takes to the track in an official test!! Albeit with problems. Virgin F1' s testing program got off to a troubled start and for a while I thought Virgin were in trouble. If you didn't read about it their front wing failed shortly into the first day after only a handful of laps and a lack of spare parts meant that they had to sit out the rest of day 1. It wasn't until late the next day that they got back into the action and even then there wasn't much mileage done. It wasn't until the final day on Saturday that they got a good number of laps under their belt. Talk about a big wake up call!!! Ive been focusing on how USF1 and Campos Meta are struggling to even make it to the first Grand Prix never mind test and completely forgot that the new teams that are ready to test may encounter problems like this. At least on the final day they got a good number of laps under their belt and they also have the final test (which starts on Wednesday) to try and weed out any other problems as well. Having seen Virgin's first test problems it will be really interesting to see how Lotus' car will fair and to see if they have as many problems. Lotus who were the latest of the new teams to launch their new car could well have a mountain to climb and it will be a very important four days testing for them. All of this puts into perspective what a challenge it is going to be for Campos and USF1 when , or should I say if, they make it to Bahrain. They will no doubt experience the normal teething problems that comes with a new car and with the practice sessions being the only proper testing they're going to be able to do. Its not inconceivable to think that they are going to be mobile chicanes and with pay drivers like Jose Maria Lopez who doesn't have a lot of experience in single seaters they could be the new Master card Lola team!!!! I look forward to hearing Martin Brundle's comments on their performance, at the moment he doesn't believe they will make it to round 1!! As for the rest of the teams it was a busy week. I'm encouraged by McLaren's performance they seem to have improved a lot over this time last year and hopefully it will continue. But we won't really know what the situation is fully until Bahrain. Michael Schumacher believes that there are four teams in with a shout this year and that is a mouth watering prospect. Its four weeks from yesterday to the first grand prix I can't wait!!!!!!!

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