Thursday, February 18, 2010

USF1 Dead and gone??

I thought I'd make an extra post this week to address a certain rumour that seems almost certain to become reality. Reports have been appearing on a number of websites that are saying that USF1's hopes of participating in the 2010 Formula 1 World Championship are dead. Let's be honest it is the news that was expected for a long time. There has been no press releases or communication of any sort from the team in a number of weeks. Apparently Peter Windsor (Team Co-Principle) told the team's only signed driver, Jose Maria Lopez, that his services were no longer required. The history of teams struggling in F1 is quite a long one but if this becomes official then USF1 will become the most unsuccessful team in the history of F1. MasterCard Lola are the team who have held the title since 1997 and any Formula 1 fan will tell you how much of an abomination they were!! These were the guys who arrived in Australia for Round 1 of the championship and failed to qualify. They were over ten seconds off the pole time set by Jacques Villeneuve, who incidentally has been linked with Stefan GP. MasterCard Lola showed up in Brazil for round 2 of the championship but didn't even bother trying to qualify and quickly withdrew from the championship. But at least those guys made it to the grid!!! What baffles me the most about USF1 is that Windsor has been planning the team's assault at the 2010 championship since early 2009. Lotus got their entry towards the end of last year and they're in Spain testing with the rest of the field.
Its a real shame because I thought this team could reignite America's interest in F1 which had been infamously tarnished at the 2005 US GP. This begs the question will Stefan GP get the go ahead to compete in the championship. They had been campaigning to get onto the grid as the fourteenth team and they have Bernie Ecceslstone's approval which is a big plus for them. They seem to have a more complete package and have sent equipment to Bahrain and Malaysia for the start of the season so they certainly don't lack determination anyway! Also Campos seem to have a takeover secured in which case their participation in the championship seems to be secured also. Hopefully now Bruno Senna will get a shot at F1 at last!

Getting back to USF1. You have to feel a little sympathy for their driver Lopez. The Argentinian was set to make his debut in the championship and had the backing of the Argentinian Government. But having said that with his racing history maybe this is saving himself the embarrassment. He has very little experience in single seaters so jumping into a Formula 1 car and not become a mobile chicane maybe a big ask but he has gone to Europe in search of one of the few remaining seats left for 2010. USF1 appears to be nothing more than another example of how not to run an F1 team so lets hope Stefan GP gets the spot so we can still have twenty six cars on the grid!!

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