Monday, February 22, 2010

Will the USF1 situation ever end???!!!!!

Just when we thought they were dead and gone USF1 have decided to finally brake their silence and tell the world that they are not dead BUT they wish to skip four Grand Prix. I'll admit I was a fan of USF1 for a long time but now I am starting to get fed up of their dire Formula 1 attempt. I'd be a bit more sympathetic if they were in Lotus' position and only got the entry late last year but USF1 have been planning their assault on the championship since the start of 2009!! I'm praying that the FIA see a bit of sense and give the entry to Stefan GP. Besides if money is the big issue for them then surely missing four races would bring even more financial strain to them in the form of fines. Remember when the FIA clarified Jean Todt's announcement declaring it OK to miss three races? They made it clear that any team absent from a Grand Prix would be punished in some way. Its been a long time since any team has had to miss a Grand Prix because of financial problems. Remember Arrows' last season in 2002? At the French Grand Prix that year they deliberately failed to qualify because of financial issues which subsequently led to their withdrawal a few weeks later. A better example would probably be Forti. The little Italian team was famous for being well of the pace in their first season in 1995 which was a big reason that the FIA brought in the 107% rule in which a car had to qualify within a 107% of the pole sitters time or they would not be aloud to start. So in some respects they were responsible for their own dreadful performance for the 1996 season where both cars failed to qualify for four of the ten races they participated in. By the British Grand Prix they had no money and Cosworth had stopped supplying engines. To avoid a massive fine from the FIA Cosworth allowed them to complete a few miserable laps and then withdraw from the event. I think the thing that is ironic about these teams is they were both powered by Cosworth engines!! Lets hope this isn't a curse they carry with them for badly funded teams!! I think for the good of the sport we should see Stefan GP get the spot because there's nothing worse than seeing a team fold halfway through the season while another team who had the resources were rejected an entry . It results in the rest of the paddock not taking them seriously. Maybe the FIA should listen to Stefanovich and increase the grid to 28 cars. At least that way Stefan Gp will get the slot regardless of USF1's situation and if the American team do make it to the grid eventually they will still have a shot at the rest of the championship. Either way it will be an interesting few weeks with regards the 2010 season. Just three weeks to go!!!!!

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