Monday, March 1, 2010

Is the USF1 fiasco finally over?

Finally we appear to have come to the end of the USF1 story, for now at least. Reports on a number of different websites said that the team had deferred their entry till next season. At last!!! This is something that everyone was expecting for some time. USF1 have been the laughing stock of the championship for the last few months and if I'm perfectly honest I'm not going to miss them. I was in support of them at the start of their incarnation but it came to the point where I couldn't take them seriously anymore. It’s so frustrating!!!! Why did the FIA choose this team over some very respectable teams? It was just one of the last ridiculous decisions Max Mosley took as President of the FIA. I am hoping now that they appear to have withdrawn from the 2010 championship that this will open the door for Stefan GP. The Serbian team had to cancel their shakedown session because they couldn't get F1 supplied tyres because they weren't officially taking part in the championship. They appear to have a good set up and they are suffering from the arrogance of others. As for their deferral I find it hard to believe that the FIA would defer USF1's entry till next year. This is the kind of sport that can be very unforgiving if you falter. USF1 haven't been good for the image of F1 especially in America. I thought if this team was successful that it might open the door for the US Grand Prix to return to the championship but that thought has gone out the window at this stage. I was surprised to learn that they has also signed British driver and ex Honda test driver James Rossiter. Apparently he had agreed terms with the team in December but withdrew from the team a week before Anderson asked for USF1 to miss the first four races. As the dust settles on the USF1 saga lets hope that Stefan GP get the entry because time is running out. There is now less than two weeks to the first round in Bahrain and the Serbian outfit still have to shakedown their car. Campos seem to have gotten things together and should be in Bahrain but probably won't be able to shakedown their car until then. Also Bruno Senna's seat is also in jeopardy and if he lost his seat it would be a real shame. I have been looking forward to seeing the Senna name return to F1. The new teams that have been able to test are also having their problems. The Virgin team have been plagued with hydraulic problems and Lotus' drivers have been complaining about their cars. I'm not surprised their five seconds off the pace of the fastest cars!! Hopefully we will get a clearer picture of the grid in the next week so we can concentrate on the racing! Less than two weeks to go!!!!!!

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