Monday, March 15, 2010

Something is horribly wrong!! - 2010 Bahrain Grain Prix

I think it’s pretty clear to say that that was the dullest F1 season opener we have seen in a long time, possibly ever. It's clear that the new rules are just not working. If Sebastian Vettel had not had his exhaust issues then the race would have been decided by the first corner.

its not just me that is calling for an immediate change, go onto any F1 forum and you will see hundreds of comments demanding for something to be done to improve the show, also some of the drivers are complaining that the new rules make overtaking almost impossible.

Towards the end of the race the main aim of the drivers seemed to be to just save the tyres and bring the car home. What is this a leisurely Sunday drive???? This is suppose to be the pinnacle of motorsport, these are suppose to be the best drivers in the world!! Clearly the sport has forgotten the definition of the word "racing".

Ironically the best action was to be seen towards the back of the field where we saw good battles between the new boys, the Torro Rossos and Hulkenberg’s Williams. But this was all over shadowed by the processional "racing" we had gong on at the front of the field.

The thing that really annoyed me was when Alonso started closing on Vettel in order to make a move for the lead. Once he got within a second of the Red Bull he had to drop back because the hot air coming from the engine of the Red Bull and the turbulent air from the aerodynamics were causing Alonso's Ferrari’s tyres to over heat.

The main reason there was so much emphasis on saving the tyres was because most of the field were one stopping and their stops were taken after about sixteen laps or so which basically meant that most people had to complete most of the race on the same set of tyres.

A number of drivers have said that this F1 season could be a processional bore unless changes are brought in immediately including seven times world champion Michael Schumacher who finished in 6th place. He said that overtaking was basically impossible and that we can expect similar racing with this kind of strategy environment. There you go FIA, sort it out!!!!!

To concentrate on other aspects of the race in is obvious that the new teams still have reliability issues to sort out with only Lotus getting a car across the finish line. Jarno Truilli's Lotus, Lucas Di Grassi's Virgin and both BMW Saubers succumbed to hydraulic issues. Timo Glock's Virgin had gearbox issues, Bruno Senna's HRT over heated and Karon Chandok crashed out two laps into the race.

To finish off the Formula 1 Teams Association (FOTA) is set to meet on Thursday and its been suggested that the talks will be held with regards improving the show so fingers crossed something good will come out of it! Till next week SEE YA!!!!

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