Thursday, March 4, 2010

Final Entry list

Well I guess we can finally close the chapter regarding the 2010 entry list. USF1 are dead and gone and Stefan GP are left in the cold, as far as I'm concerned ITS A TRAVESTY!!!! Stefan GP should have gotten the last place on the grid, they were ready for it, it just doesn't make sense. The result from all of this is that we have twenty four cars lining up in Bahrain. On a different note Campos have been renamed Hispania F1 after their take over. Well at least with the uncertainty over who will be racing out of the way we can get down to the business of racing. The difference in time between the top teams and the bottom teams is going to be a lot bigger from last year so expect to see Virgin and Lotus and probably Hispania F1 struggling to make it out of Q1 which by the way will see cars from seventeenth to twenty fourth being eliminated as opposed to cars from eighteenth to twenty sixth. I'm hoping that it is not going to be like past seasons, 1995 for example,  when we had the likes of Forti something around ten seconds of the pace!! Remember Jean Denise Deletraz? He was so slow in his Pacific that he was lapped after just seven laps!! With regards Bruno Senna his place seems to be secure althought there is nothing official. I think its so important to get the Senna name back into F1. As Martin Brundle says when he lifts up his visor he looks exactly like Ayrton. Hopefully it will also help us get over the embarrassment that has been the USF1 fiasco. Lets have a look at the front. At the moment it seems to be between  McLaren and Ferrari with Red Bull and Mercedes slightly behind them. There are a number of upgrades coming for different teams at Bahrain so we wont really now the true pace until qualifying on the Saturday. I'm excited by how well Sauber and Force India are shaping up. Force India are a team I really admire. They started out in 2008 as a back marker failing to score any points and as they went through 2009 they made great strides in their development and ended up with a second place finish in Belgium and a few other points finishes as well. If  they can keep that momentum going into this season I think we will regularly see them in the points.  Just over a week to go!!!!!

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